1-on-1 Private Lessons


You will have to an opportunity to work with the Director of Celtic Lacrosse, Patrick Crann, a seasoned veteran/coach.

(Limited times are available to work with Coach Crann) we have other coaches on staff as well.   

With over 25 years of coaching and playing experience, Coach Crann applies his personal history to his 1 on 1 sessions.

What you will work on in your training session:

  • Stick handling drills 
  • Position-specific coaching 
  • Focus on teamwork and interpersonal skills
  • Fundamental training 
  • Personal mentoring based on athlete's stated goals
  • psychological aspects of the game.
  • Coach Crann is a state Certified NJSIAA coach, with saving Gods Children, and CPR/AED certifications.
  • Coach Crann has been part of National Championship caliber teams at the NCAA Division 1 and 3, Levels and has coached NNJSIAA State Championship level teams as a high school coach.


Small Group Developmental Sessions

How it works:  

  • Small group training sessions that fit around your busy schedule.
  • 5 packs of lessons are encouraged to maximize your learning experience, however not necessary.
  • Assemble small groups of 3 or more students (Offered to Boys and Girls)
  • The Cost will be discounted. The cost is $50 per child for an hour and 15 minutes.
  • 5 packs of lessons after three kids are in a group will be $150 dollars a child for 5 - 1 hour and 15 minute sessions. (nowhere else will you find rates like these with the caliber of coaching Celtic Offers)
  • The more kids you assemble as part of the group, the cheaper the training session, we will scale prices accordingly.

(Limited times are available to work with Coach Crann) we have other coaches on staff as well.  

Skill Development Goals

Increased Dexterity Skill Sets - Improve hand-eye coordination and stick work through cutting edge and old school drills. 

Better Stick Handling and Ball Control - Every coaching session includes stick handling fundamentals. 

Improved Flexibility & Range of Motion  - Stretching is a critical part of any athletic routine.
Correct Footwork Application - We'll help your player apply proper footwork to his/her complete game. 

Lacrosse IQ - Improved Decision Making Abilities. Brain teasers and strategy are a part of all sports, including Lacrosse.