"Patrick crann in my eyes is the best lacrosse coach. He teaches you outstanding fundamentals while at the same time molding you into an incredible player. Learning from him made me love the sport. A good teacher loves what he does and shows his love for what he does through his teaching, Patrick crann is the definition of that. If you want to become an overall better player on and off the field Celtic lacrosse is the way to go!"                                                         

- Brandon O, Westfield

"I just wanted to say that Spencer and I had a great time at the Lehigh tournament - everything appeared to go very smoothly, and the team really seemed to come together and enjoy playing with each other. Most importantly, I asked Spencer afterwards what he thought, and if he felt he had made a good decision to play for Celtic... He did not hesitate, and said absolutely - everyone is really nice, and very unselfish players (both with the ball, and with playing time). Great job putting together a great group of kids!"

- Kristen, Westfield Mom

“My son Nicholas attended your camp last week. The time of day prevented me from stopping by to talk to you and observe a bit - but I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for running such a great camp. This was my son's first camp for the sport (other than about 8 Saturday instructional sessions he took in late spring) and he absolutely loved it. He came home every day excited and happy - telling my wife and I how great it was and what a great game Lacrosse is and how much fun he had every day. Nicholas also said he learned a lot about the sport. Thanks again for all your time and efforts. ”

- Scott, Cedar Grove

Coach Crann is one of the top coaches in NJ, my son would not be playing in college today without learning from the best!  Coach Crann really cares about each and every one of his players, not like other programs I have been involved with it.  You can see he has a true love of the game and gives 110% every time he steps on the field to coach.        

-Michele, New Vernon

Hi Patrick, I'm Evie and Will's  mom. I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to meet in person. Just wanted to let you know how much fun Evie and Will had at camp. Thank you!

-Beth, Maplewood

Pat, thanks for a great time.  Eamon learned so much...I can't list it all here.  

-Sarah ,Verona